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Product Summary

4"x2.5"x2.5" Recessed straight body fire department connection chrome package

Product Description

4" (100mm) grooved x 2.5" (65mm) NPT x 2.5" (65mm) NPT cast brass recessed straight body (UL / ULC Listed) fire department connection with brass, high polish chrome finish accessories.  The IE28 body is a double drop clapper Siamese and is used as an auxiliary connection and allows up to 500 GPM to supplement the system water supply for fire protection.  The body of the Siamese with its independent self-closing clapper valves can be placed inside the building or if space prevents, can be built into the wall of the building during construction.  The package also comes with double female HF58BR snoots with rigid end NPT x rocker or pin lug hose thread swivels, pin or rocker lug plugs and chains and polish chrome escutcheon plate.  Specify regional hose thread and lettering for signage.

FINISH:  Chrome

OPTIONS:  Cast Brass or Polish Brass

HOSE THREADS AVAILABLE: CSA, BCT, WCT, QST, NSST, NPSH, NST, Louisville, Cleveland, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New Cincinnati, New York Corp., New York Fire Department, Richmond and Raleigh.  Other threads see factory for availability.


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Engineering Specifications

Wilson & Cousins, IE28-4G (CP) PACK, 4″ (100mm) grooved x 2.5″ (65mm) NPT x 2.5″ (65mm) NPT cast brass recessed straight body fire department connect