2.5″ Straight Pattern Brass Gate Valve. 2.5″ Female NPT x 2.5″ Male Hose thread.

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2.5″ Straight Pattern Brass Gate Valve with non-rising stem and solid inlet.  For use on hydrants, standpipes and fire pump test connections rated for up to 300 lbs (2070 kPa) applications.  The IE27s is made up of a brass body and brass trim and comes with a red round handle, and optional speed handle. A hex is provided on the female NPT inlet and male hose thread on the outlet.  Specify hose thread.

FINISH:  Cast Brass


  • Cast Chrome
  • speed handle


A= 12″ (305mm)
B= 4.02″ (102mm)
C= Subject to Hose Thread

Wilson & Cousins, IE27S is a 300lb (2070 kPa) gate valve used primarily to protect fire hydrants and standpipe systems from damage that can occur if they are used for throttling.  The IE27S is particularly used when space limitations or appearance preclude a permanent-type installation.