2-1/2″ Groove x Groove Factory Set Pressure Reducing Inline Valve with Supervisory Switch

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The Wilson and Cousins’ IE2600-25-SG-SS Series feature a range of 2-1/2″ Groove by Groove factory set pressure reducing inline valves. These brass valves are intended to serve as floor control valves, standpipe valves, or a checking device. Listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories, the IE2600-25-SG-SS series can handle FLOW and NO-FLOW conditions, as required by NFPA for CLASS I and III systems, up to maxiumum inlet pressures of 400 PSI. Tapped and plugged holes (1/4″) are standard on all bodies to allow for monitoring by external pressure gauges (sold seperately).

The inclusion of a Supervisory Switch allows for external monitoring of the valves Open/Closed position.

Download our Valve Selection Guide to find the recommended valve size for your application.

Chrome Plate Finish

Female NPT x Male Hose Angle Body (-FM)
Female NPT x Female NPT Angle Body (-FF)
Female NPT x Female NPT Inline Body (-ST)
Groove x Groove Angle Body (-GG)
Groove x Male Hose Angle Body (-GM)



A:     13.13″     (333 mm)      [OPEN]
A:     12.38″     (314 mm)      [CLOSED]
B:      1.81″       (42 mm)
C:      7.50″      (190 mm)

IE2600-SG-SS - Dimension

Wilson & Cousins’ IE2600-25-SG-SS Series:

  • Pressure reducing inline (straight) valve
  • UL/ULC Listed
  • Cast brass construction
  • Integral supervisory switch for remote monitoring of open or closed position
  • Maximum inlet pressure up to 400 psig (2757 kPa)
  • Maximum inlet flow rate up to 500 gpm
  • Eight (8) different bonnet sizes to choose from, each one offering different reduction properties