30″(762) X 30″(762) X 8″(203) Recessed style hose cabinet with a full metal door.

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30″ (762mm) x 30″(762mm) x 8″ (203mm) Recessed style hose cabinet constructed in 16 gauge Cold Rolled Steel and comes with valve knockouts.  Interior and exterior are treated with our exclusive WILCO “PRO-TECHPremiere prime coating system.  The full metal door is fitted with, stainless steel concealed latch, reinforced piano hinges and a 1/2″ turnback.

OPTIONS FOR DOOR:  #4 Satin Stainless Steel


A = 30″ (762mm)
B = 30 (762mm)
C = 8″ (203mm)
AA = 34″ (864mm)
BB = 34″ (864mm)
CC = 8 1/2″ (216mm)

IE1BR-SOLID - Dimensions

Wilson & Cousins, IE1BR-SOLID, is a recessed 30″x30″x8″ (762mm x 762mm x 203mm) type hose cabinet constructed of 16 gauge Cold Rolled Steel that comes with valve knockouts.  The interior and exterior of the cabinet is treated for corrosion resistance by an electrostatically applied oven-baked primer finish.  The full metal door and frame is fitted with a full length 180 degree opening semi-concealed piano hinge and stainless steel concealed latch.