Hose 1 1/2″ 50DJ

1 1/2″ x 50 ft Double Jacket Hose

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1 1/2″ x 50′ Double Jacket Industrial Hose

Built for heavy industry and fire fighting applications. The perfect choice for use in hose houses, roof and hydrant houses.  Also, for uses in interior and exterior applications requiring a Double Jacket hose.  The hose comes standard with aluminum couplings.

Hose Size:  1 1/2″ (38mm)
Service Pressure: 400 PSI (2758 Kpa)
Proof Pressure: 800 PSI (5516 Kpa)
Burst Pressure: 1200 PSI (8274 Kpa)
Weight (uncoupled): 12lbs (5.44 Kgs)

Wilson and Cousins WILCO DJ 800  1 1/2″ (64mm) x 50′ (15.25m) Double Jacket Industrial hose synthetic rubber lined, mildew and rot resistant. Comes with Aluminum Couplings.