HF41-2.5″ (CP) CHROME

2.5″ Chromed Plug & Chain

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2.5″ (65mm) threaded brass, chrome plated male plug & chain for protection of female threads used on fire department inlet connections.  The plugs will prevent entry of foreign material.  Specify regional hose thread.

FINISH:  Chrome

OPTIONS:  Cast Brass or Polish Brass

HOSE THREADS AVAILABLE:  CSA, BCT, WCT, QST, NSST, NPSH, NST, Louisville, Cleveland, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New Cincinnati, New York Corp., New York Fire Department, Richmond and Raleigh

A = 4.19″ (106.50 mm)
B = 1.97″ (50.07 mm)
C= Subject to Hose Thread

HF41CP 2.5 - Dimensions

Wilson & Cousins, HF41CP, 2.5″ (65mm) brass, chrome plated plug and chain.