Detention Series

Detention Fire Extinguisher, Hose and Fire Department Valve Cabinets

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Larsen’s detention fire extinguisher, fire hose, and fire department valve cabinets provide an effective method of securing fire protection equipment for all types of detention facilities. Available as fully recessed or surface-mounted cabinets and designed for maximum security – these heavy gauge steel units feature one piece solid steel doors with matching trim and heavy gauge continuous piano hinges. These features combined with Larsen’s mechanical security locks, fire extinguishers, valves, and hose rack units offer the highest level of protection for any detention facility.

Larsen’s Flame-Shield fire-rated cabinet

BOX SPECIFICATION: All recessed and surface-mounted cabinets feature 12 gauge cold-rolled steel boxes finished with a rust inhibitive baked primer. Surface-mounted cabinets with stainless steel trim and door have a box constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel with industrial matte finish.

TRIM AND DOOR SPECIFICATION: Steel trims and doors are manufactured entirely from 12 gauge cold-rolled steel. The doors are one piece construction. Standard finish is a rust inhibitive backed primer. Stainless steel trims and doors feature the same construction using 12 gauge 304 stainless steel with industrial matte finish.